Facebook Page Policy for Kurdish Business Directory

Objective: The primary purpose of the Kurdish Business Directory Facebook page is to provide a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs within the Kurdish community to connect, promote their products and services, and foster a supportive network. To ensure a positive and inclusive environment, we have established the following guidelines for the community.

1. Respectful Communication: All members are expected to communicate respectfully and professionally. Any form of harassment, hate speech, or offensive language will not be tolerated. This includes comments, posts, and private messages.

2. Business Promotion: The page is dedicated to promoting Kurdish businesses and services. Members are encouraged to share information about their businesses, special promotions, and events. However, spamming or excessive self-promotion may result in removal from the group.

3. Relevant Content: Content shared on the page should be relevant to the Kurdish business community. This includes business tips, success stories, industry news, and events. Irrelevant or off-topic posts may be removed.

4. Inclusivity: The Kurdish Business Directory is an inclusive space for all members, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, or religion. Discrimination or exclusionary behavior will not be tolerated.

5. No Illegal or Inappropriate Content: Any content that is illegal, inappropriate, or violates Facebook’s community standards is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to explicit content, fraudulent activities, and any form of illegal conduct.

6. Reporting Issues: Members are encouraged to report any content or behavior that violates the page’s guidelines. Reports will be addressed promptly, and appropriate action will be taken.

7. Admin Discretion: The page administrators reserve the right to remove any content or member that violates these guidelines. Decisions made by the administrators are final.

8. Language: Posts and comments should be in a language understood by the majority of the community.

9. Commercial Transactions: The page is not responsible for any transactions or disputes between members. All commercial transactions should be conducted responsibly and ethically.

10. Updates to the Policy: This policy may be updated periodically. Members are encouraged to review the guidelines regularly to stay informed about any changes.

By participating in the Kurdish Business Directory Facebook page, members agree to abide by these guidelines. Failure to comply may result in removal from the group. We aim to create a positive and collaborative community for Kurdish businesses and appreciate the cooperation of all members in maintaining this environment.